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What questions should I ask my MFM doctor?

Finding out that you have a high risk pregnancy can bring on a lot of emotion: relief, fear, excitement. You will see the specialist for a certain amount of time and it can be a lot to absorb. A part of preparing for your Maternal Fetal Medicine consult visit includes compiling a list of questions for your doctor.

Sometimes you just don't know where to start or what questions to ask. To help you out, I made a list of the most common questions I get asked and those I always try to cover in my visit. There may not be enough time to get all your questions answered on your first visit and that is all right.

Not all these questions will apply to your condition, so tailor them to your unique situation. Also, remember that the answers to most of these questions may not always be straightforward. Plans will continue to evolve as your pregnancy progresses.

Don't be afraid to ask questions until you understand.

Here is the list of questions to ask your MFM specialist to get you started:

1. How often will I have an ultrasound?

2. How often will I have prenatal visits?

3. Is there an option for telehealth prenatal visits in the future?

4. In the future, will I be following with you or with my obstetrical provider, or with both?

5. When will my next follow up visit be?

6. Do I have any activity restriction?

7. Are my medications compatible with pregnancy?

8. Are my supplements compatible with pregnancy?

9. What is the preferred mode of delivery for me, vaginal or by cesarean?

10. What gestational age range can I deliver? Will I make it to my due date?

11. Can I breastfeed?

12. What are my options for birth control?

13. What is the chance this will happen again in future pregnancies?

14. Can you give me resources or written material so I can learn more about my condition (if you wish to)?

15. What is the best way to reach you in case I forgot to ask something?

I hope your visit goes well. Best of luck!

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