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Arab American heritage month: ideas for school

My children's daycare is generally very good about celebrating diversity. Everything from MLK day to Latin heritage month to Lunar New Year. Last year, in passing, I asked if they were planning to do anything for Arab American Heritage Month, which is in April, and it also happened to be during Ramadan. The director told me that they weren't, but they are happy to incorporate it into the curriculum.

I posted a photo of my daughter coloring an Iraqi flag at daycare on Instagram stories, and got so many questions about it. Here is what I did: I emailed daycare a list. I was happy to provide snacks and activities, but they actually took care of it all. In fact, this year, they did it all on their own, I didn't even have to bring it up.

1. Drawing different middle eastern flags

Coloring and decorating different flags or countries on a map. I gave them a head start: my kids are half Iraqi and half Jordanian. I loved seeing the pictures of the flags hanging up on the classroom walls even a couple of weeks later.

2. Learning to write some of the Arabic alphabet or numbers

3. Listening to Arabic songs

There are lots of children’s songs on YouTube. My kids love this one about vegetables.

4. Cutting up and decorating Ramadan paper lanterns

This one is a great video and can also be used for Chinese new year!

5. Eating a date for snack time

This is a common way to break fast during Ramadan. It is simple, nutritious and delicious. For older kids.

6. Learning about famous Arab scientists

My kids are too young to appreciate this. But there are so many famous Arab scientists-physicians that older kids would appreciate learning about like Ibn Al-nafis and Ibn Sina.

7. Learning about Arab world inventions

Did you know that ancient Arabs invented algebra, surgery and the world's first university?

Yup, you can just google it. Here is one resource.

Any other ideas your kids do? Please do share!

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